Facts and Figures

Population: 167.082
Area of Land: 7.367.00 km2
Plate Number : 08
Dialing code: 466
Longtitude: 41,180947
Latitude: 41,820488
Altitude: 500,00 m

The 56% of the city's land is composed of forests. The plateaus cover 51% of the land. There are about 30 streams in the city. They are the tributaries of Çoruh, except for the ones which flow to Black Sea. Local bus companies can help you reach Artvin. Here are their phone numbers:
Yeşil Artvin Ekspres: +90(0466) 212 61 61
Artvin Ses Seyahat:  +90(0466) 212 54 74
Lüks Artvin Seyahat: +90(0466) 212 21 70

The Distances between Artvin and Some Cities of Turkey
Artvin-Ankara: 980 km
Artvin-İstanbul: 1300 km
Artvin-İzmir:1559 km
Artvin-Trabzon: 233 km
Artvin-Erzurum: 226 km

The Distances between Artvin and Its Districts

Artvin-Arhavi: 80 km
Artvin-Hopa: 69 km
Artvin-Borçka: 33 km
Artvin-Ardanuç: 40 km
Artvin-Murgul: 48 km
Artvin-Şavşat: 70 km
Artvin-Yusufeli: 103 km

The nearest airport is Batumi Airport in Georgia. It is 101 km away from Artvin City Center. Turkish Republic citizens can fly to Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports with their ID cards. The other airports are in Erzurum (226 km), Kars (215 km) and Trabzon (233 km).

The nearest railway stations are in Kars (209 km) and Erzurum (226 km).

There is a seaport in Hopa district of Artvin where carrying trade is conveyed.

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