Artvin has Black Sea Climate. Warm and rainy climate is dominant on the coasts. Also, Artvin City Centre has warm and rainy climate type. The high parts of the city is snowy in winter as the other cities of the Black Sea Region. Annual average rainfall amount is 2.650 mm on the coasts (in Kemalpaşa, Hopa) and 250 mm in the midlands of Artvin. Average rainfall amount is 700 mm .

On the coasts (for example, in Hopa) the  coldest month is 8,4 °C and the hottest month is  22°C on average. Despite the Black Sea Climate which can be observed Artvin in general,  it is freezing in the higher parts of Artvin city center, Ardanuç and Şavşat. In these parts, the coldest month is     3.4 °C and the hottest month is 21.1°C on average.

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