Ulukent Village Mosque

   According to the records, the structure which has not got an epigraph was built in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1896 the last prayer hall part was added to it. The minaret which had been made of wood originally was destroyed because of the strong winds and was rebuilt out of stone.

   The mosque was located on the slope and was built on a high base. Because of the slope on which it was built there is no window in the lower levels of the mosque and its minaret. However, there are two windows in both parts in the upper levels. All the windows are in rectangular shape. While the doors, the windows and the “mihrab” were made of hewn stone, the material of the inner walls cannot be identified because of the plastering on them. The rest was made of wood with fine work. The tiles on the roof were in Turkish style. The structure which has been restored partially up to now is used for praying today.

Ciha Castle
The castle which was built over the rocks in the peak of Arhavi is thought to have been constructed in Genoa Period. The trees surrounding the castle are so dense that it is not possible to go inside it. The year it was built is not certain and only the ruins of its walls can be seen today. The castle is on a strategic location.
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