Camili Efeler Nature Protection Zone

It was declared as nature protection zone by the Ministry in 1998. Efeler Forest is the natural forest ecosystem not only of Turkey but also of the whole Europe. There is a biosphere reserve zone in it and it has got rich biological variety. Moreover, it is also a protection zone for the race of pure caucasian bee.

It has got the characteristics of  rainforest ecosystem because of  3200 mm amount of rain per year and the large amount of the relative humidity of the area.

It is in Efeler Village which is located 45 km away from the town.

Borçka Cemetery (Historical Protected Area)
   This Cemetery was built in 1957 after Captain Ahmet Berk and First Lieutenant Lütfi Dalgakıran reached martyrdom. It also represents the glorious memory of Captain İsmail Bey and his fourteen soldier who fell martyr in 1877-1887 Ottoman-Russians War. This Cemetery is in the centre of Borçka.
Demirciler Village Bridge
   This construction which hasn’t got any inscription was built in probably eighteenth century by former Governor of Constanta “Osman Pasha” who had been born in the same village. The construction is grouped as “with one eye and flat road”. Its length is 33 meters and breadth is 2.8 meters. Bridge eye was determined by two-step pointed aqueduct. The aqueduct was constructed by using smooth cut stone; other parts were constructed with rubble stone. Road is also made by rubble stone. The guard walls are strong. The bridge is currently used in Demirciler Village today. 
Beyazsu Plateau-Yıldızlı Lake
   Beyazsu Plateau is a natural wonder which is located on the hills of Karçal Mountains. The distance from Borçka to Beyazsu Plateau is about 50 km. There are several campsites on the plateau. In the plateau, an accommodation and food centre for 24 persons which was constructed thanks to the sponsorship of TEMA has been serving. Yıldızlı Lake is 2 km away from this plateau and includes natural wonders to go and see.       Transportation is so simple that routine buses from Artvin to Borçka serve in every one hour. Visitors can choose car or bus hiring facilities to get Beyazsu Plateau from Borçka.     
Borçka Dark Lake
The lake came into existence after the landslide of a hill near Klaskur plateau. It attracts attention of the visitors with its rich flora and is a good place for camping. Moreover, it is also  an excursion spot for the local people. The lake is on Borçka-Camili road and 27 km away from the Borçka district.
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