Camili Efeler Nature Protection Zone

It was declared as nature protection zone by the Ministry in 1998. Efeler Forest is the natural forest ecosystem not only of Turkey but also of the whole Europe. There is a biosphere reserve zone in it and it has got rich biological variety. Moreover, it is also a protection zone for the race of pure caucasian bee.

It has got the characteristics of  rainforest ecosystem because of  3200 mm amount of rain per year and the large amount of the relative humidity of the area.

It is in Efeler Village which is located 45 km away from the town.

Düzköy Vaniti Bridge
   The structure which has not got an epigraph is thought to have been built in the 18th century. It was on Borçka-Hopa road and over a creek coming from Hopa. It is in the group of  single arch stone bridges with a straight way. It is connected with the Han Bridge which is next to it. Two bridges are 33 meters long and 2,9 meters wide. The arch of the bridge was designated  by a circular two-grade arch. Hewnstones and rubble stones were used in its arch and its walls.There is no barrier wall on the bridge.
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