Borçka Yeniyol Quarter Mosque

   The mosque was planned as a square frame. It was constructed with wood and bricks. It has a hipped roof which is covered with tile. The mosque has a top balcony which serves as narthex and has seven stakes. “Cümle” door located on north side is used as the way of entering mosque. On the north of “mahfil”, “köşk” part appears in the middle.
   Straight wooden ceiling has been reinforced by ten stakes. Stairs being in north-west corner serve as entrance to “mahfil” “Mihrap” and “Minber” have been restored. The internal side of the mosque has been restored. Mosque has 13 windows. Minaret which has been modernized stands on northeast corner. Some parts of the mosque have been made with wooden engraving.

Düzköy Vaniti Bridge
   The structure which has not got an epigraph is thought to have been built in the 18th century. It was on Borçka-Hopa road and over a creek coming from Hopa. It is in the group of  single arch stone bridges with a straight way. It is connected with the Han Bridge which is next to it. Two bridges are 33 meters long and 2,9 meters wide. The arch of the bridge was designated  by a circular two-grade arch. Hewnstones and rubble stones were used in its arch and its walls.There is no barrier wall on the bridge.
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