Kafkasör Festival of Culture and Art

   The mostly interesting part of the festival organized traditionally in during the first week of the July of every year is bull fights. The bulls from the different parts of the city have been categorized according to the thickness of their necks and matched with each other to fight. In order not to hurt the bulls, some certain rules have been implemented since the inception of the bullfighting. During the fighting, if the bulls deemed weak withdraw from the arena, they are regarded as defeated and taken away from the special part of the arena by the persons concerned. Therefore, Caucasuser Bullfighting becomes a sport and festive event within its own rules. This bullfighting, which is performed in the sole “Bullfighting Arena” in Turkey and resume the social and cultural structure of the Artvin district, is unique in the world.

Artvin Hatila Valley National Park
   The National Park includes the Hatila Valley which is one of the main bodies of the Çoruh River and its many side streams. The Hatila Valley is a young, type V valley with a narrow base. There are declivity fractures along the valley caused by litolic differences. By these declivity fractures, waterfalls were formed on the river. The bed of the valley abrades deeper than it widens to the sides, consequently, the hillsides of the valley reach to a slope of 80%, 100% in some places. The hillsides have been processed by physical fractions, mass movements, landslides and side streams, so the valley has a brusque topography.
Okumuşlar Village Protected Area
Okumuşlar whose old name was Boselt is one of the villages in Artvin. There is a mosque and a church in it. There are remains of an old city called Şarbiyet. It is a site of monasteries between Ağıllar and Okumuşlar Villages. There are two chapels, a refectory, some ruins of a church and other remains here. There are two structures which are called Boselt and Ustamel near it. They are thought to be a castle and a watchtower. The site was declared as a protected area in 1996. The researches had been conducted in the area until 1999. According to their results, the structures were built in the mid or the second half of 9th century. Moreover, its location, its type of plan, its architectural features prove this.  For that reason, it is thought that the structure is the Şarbeti Monastery which has been looked for for a long time.
Berya Plateaus
They are communal plateaus which are used by Berta Villagers. They are composed of Duganala, Büyük Dağ, Bikinala, Kaçhal and Akpınar Plateaus.
Karçal Mountains
They are the chains of mountains in Artvin, the northeast of Turkey. They divide Borçka and Şavşat districts. These mountains stretch to Georgia with Çoruh and Berta Valleys. The highest point of them is 3.428 meters above sea level. The mountains which have glaciers and glacier lakes are one of the best places for trekking. The mountains are one of the most important areas in terms of biological diversity. The most prominent features of these mountains are the diversity of the eco-system, the high rate of endemism and the wild life. Karçal Mountains, which are in the “Kolşnik” Part of Europe-Siberia Floristic Zone, are in the “Caucasia and Northern Anatolia Temperate Zone Forests” which is one of the “200 Ecological Zones” that was identifed by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and have the priority to be protected globally. International institutions such as Conservation International (CI), World Bank and GEF (Global Environment Facility) show Caucasia region as one of the richest ecological zone in danger. The zone has got the largest old forest ecosystems in Europe and Middle Asia. It is 25-65 km away from the city centre.
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