Opiza (Bağcılar) Monastery
   It is located in the Bağcılar village of Artvin central town. According to the written sources, these structures have been established firstly by the King Vahtang Gorgaslan (449-499). By the assistance of one of the kings of Bagratli -Aşot I, it was renovated by Priest Grigor Kansa in the wake of the demolition of the monastery in the century VII and maintained until the century XVII.
Rabat Chuch
   Bulanık village, 17th km distant from the Ardanuç town, has been located at the Çamlık (Rabat) district. The church has some similarities with the other church in its environment. The castle has been supposed to build by the Kingdom of Bagratlı dominating the region during the Middle Ages.
Bilbilan Plateau
The famous Bilbilan Plateau which is surrounded by Karanlık Meşe and Yalnızçam Mountains is one of the plateaus where local people of the region continue transhumance tradition. It is possible to reach there with the 51 km long gravel road toward the east or with Şavşat-Ardahan road.
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