Tekkale Monastery
The plan of the church is similar to Barhal Church's. It reflects the monastery type of the Middle Age Period in this region best. The monastery is a complex and it is composed of a church, a trapeza, a seminar room and a chapel which was constructed on the southeastern side of this structure. Since the monastery is composed of four different structure, it is called “Dört Kilise” (Four Churches) both in the past and today. The church is basilican-planned and it has 28.40X18.65 m dimensions from its exterior. The eastern side of the church is composed of the parts with three levels in two different heights.
Salikvan Plateau
It is located in the peak between Yusufeli District and Arhavi District. A festival is organized here at the first weekend of August every year. The plateau is 55 km away from Yusufeli.
Yaylalar Village
   It is located in the outskirts of Kaçkar which is 62 km away from Yusufeli District. It is possible to accommodate and find catering facilities in the village. You can go there by minibuses and other small cars after Altıparmak Village.
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