Mençuna Waterfall Tour
Festival Date : 25 - 25 May 2014
Festival Place : /
It is organized by Arhavi Municipality. It ends with the hiking to Mençuna Waterfall and the picnic which is organized there. The purpose of the activity is the introduction of Mençuna Waterfall.
Wrestling and Bullfighting
Festival Date : 31 - 31 May 2014
Festival Place : /
It is organized in Ardanuç by Ardanuç Traditional Sustenance of Bullfighting and Protection of the Plateaus Association. Bullfighting, wrestling and various competitions are arranged throughout the festival. The goals of the festival are to continue the traditional bullfighting and to contribute to the tourism.
Saparkule Pancarcı Carnival
Festival Date : 29 - 30 July 2014
Festival Place : /
This festival is organised in Şavşat District, Çavdarlı Village, Saperkule Area by Development, Culture and Tourism Association of Çavdarlı Village. During the festival, traditional folk dances, traditional music performance, traditional food cooking contest (“gevrek” and “pişi” cooking), ethnographic tool and equipment exhibition, volleyball and football tournaments, wrestling competition, traditional “mani” and “koşma” contest, folkloric songs performance by old man choir, backgammon and chess competitions, horse racing, photograph exhibition, trekking activities are organised. Festival aims to keep alive and dynamic the cultural background of region and to provide additionally effort to economical and tourism potential of the region. Festival’s another aim is to call attention to customs and traditions of the mentioned region which are about to die down.
Plateau Migration and Karakucak Festival
Festival Date : 29 - 30 July 2014
Festival Place : /
The purposes of the festival, which is held by Local administration of Tekkale Village in Yusufeli, Tekkale village, Bolukbaşı location, are to develop regional tourism, to raise the solidarity of local people and to provide consistency of custom and traditions. Karakucak wrestling, folk dance shows, sacrificial slaughters are organised during the festival.
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