Melodere Eastern Spruce Nature Zone
   The species of spruce tree which is in Melodere site of Taşlıca Village in Artvin is about 150 years old. It is 30 metres long and 2.40 metres wide and has got 0.76 diameter. The zone is composed in 06/09/2002 and its area is 1000 m².
Aralık Village Bridge
   The structure which doesn't have an epigraph was probably constructed in the 18th century. It is 28 m long and 2.40 m wide. The bridge which is over the creek near Aralık Village is in the group of  single arch stone bridges with a pitched way.  The arch of the bridge was designated  by two-grade arch. Hewnstones and rubble stones were used in its arch and its walls. The way of it was also made of hewnstones and its barrier walls are strong enough. It is used by the pedestrians today.
İskender Paşa Mosque
   They are located in the town Ardanuç, in the proximity of Adakale. The initial construction of the mosque began in the St. Osman era and it was restored and again available for worship. Beside the mosque, there are the tombs of Hatice Hanım, Ali Pasha and Süleyman Pasha. Being important as the first mosque in the area, it has survived today.
Atatürk Statue
   It was made by Kahvecioğlu Foundation on Atatepe. It is the biggest Atatürk statue in Turkey and in the world with 22 m high and 60 tons heavy. It represents the moment when Atatürk walked on the rocks in Dumlupınar. Moreover, there is a Turkish flag near the statue. The flag is 216 sqm and its flag staff is 60 m long. You can follow Yurttaş Saraç Street and Yusufeli Street to reach the statue which is on Atatepe.
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