The Racecourses

1. Lekoban Passage Racecourse (2 days)  

Although it includes some difficulties, this two-day racecourse promises you wonderful sceneries. The trip starts in Artvin City Center and we reach Şavşat-Ardanuç crossroads by following Artvin-Kars Road and choose Şavşat Road. We leave the sealed road and take the stabilized road when we the signboard of Alabalık Village. We can have our first break when we arrive the village. After the break, we can start climbing Lekoban Plateau. We can have a meal in the pension there. Our next destination is Naçadirev Crater Lake which is located in 2750 m high. After visiting the lake,  we go to Çikunet Plateau which is on the outskirts of Karçal Mountains. Now we can go back to Lekoban Plateau. You may need to clean some parts of the road from the stones in order to reach Mereta Plateau.

Before Mereta Plateau, Kuyruklu Lake is an ideal place for camping. After the night near the lake, we can set off for Mereta Plateau again. After Mereta Plateau, we arrive Curipira, the last plateau on this racecourse. Then, we go to Maral Village by entering Macahel Valley on its top and getting 300 m close to Turkey-Georgia border. We can have a break here and then continue our way to Maral waterfall. After our visit to the waterfall, we go to Camili Village and stay in one of the pensions there. Next day, we visit Borçka Dark Lake and complete the racecourse.


2. Arhavi (Marsis) Salikvan Passage Racecourse (1 day) 

The starting point of this racecourse is Arhavi Çifteköprü. Before arriving Black Sea Coastal Road, we see Arhavi and Çifteköprü. Since we need to set off early in order to finish the racecourse, it is important to use time effectively in a short visit to Mençuna waterfall. We start climbing towards Sazlık Plateau, our next destination is Sırt Plateau. When we climb over Salikvan Passage, which is 2750 m high, we are ready to enter Yusufeli Valley. After the passage, we will see crater lakes. And then, we will visit Bıçakçılar Village and Özgüven Village successively. We can leave our car in the village and go to Ciro waterfall, which is the highest waterfall (2400 m) in Turkey . We can climb the highest point of the waterfall with the pathway behind the rocks and see the scenery of Öğdem and Özgüven Valleys. After returning to our car, we continue our way and arrive in Yusufeli probably at a late hour.

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