Bilbilan Karagöl (Bilbilan Black Lake)

   It is 25 kilometers away from the district of Şavşat and 3200 meters above sea level. It is accessible only in the summer months. It can be reached either through Dalkırmaz, Çiftlik, Savaş, Çavdarlı villages or through the mountain pastures of Hanlı and Karaağaç villages. It is located over the mountain pastures of Çavdarlı, Savaş and Hanlı villages, on top of Yalnızçam mountain range and behind the Bilbilan mountain pasture. Even in summer, there is snow around the lake, which has a magnificent view. There is a lot of red-spotted trout in the lake.

   Transportation: The area can only be accessed using four-wheel drive vehicles.

Camili Biosphere Reserve
   Camili is located in one of the 25 ecological land areas under threat, which are selected by Conservation International, World Bank and Global Environment Fund. It is also a part of the “Karçal Mountains Vital Vegetation Area”, which is one of Turkey’s selected 112 vegetation areas. In addition, it is monitored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in the scope of “Forests with a High Priority of Protection Project” in the Caucasian Ecological Region.
Camili Efeler Nature Protection Zone
It was declared as nature protection zone by the Ministry in 1998. Efeler Forest is the natural forest ecosystem not only of Turkey but also of the whole Europe. There is a biosphere reserve zone in it and it has got rich biological variety. Moreover, it is also a protection zone for the race of pure caucasian bee.
Camili Gorgit Nature Protection Area
The biggest natural old forest ecosystems within a wider area including both Asia and Europe can be observed in this region. All trees of this region are regarded as “monument tree”. It both has “biosphere reserve Area”. This area is a special gene protection area for “Caucasian Honey Bee”.
Borçka Yeniyol Quarter Mosque
   The mosque was planned as a square frame. It was constructed with wood and bricks. It has a hipped roof which is covered with tile. The mosque has a top balcony which serves as narthex and has seven stakes. “Cümle” door located on north side is used as the way of entering mosque. On the north of “mahfil”, “köşk” part appears in the middle.    Straight wooden ceiling has been reinforced by ten stakes. Stairs being in north-west corner serve as entrance to “mahfil” “Mihrap” and “Minber” have been restored. The internal side of the mosque has been restored. Mosque has 13 windows. Minaret which has been modernized stands on northeast corner. Some parts of the mosque have been made with wooden engraving.
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