Cehennem (Hell) Valley Canyon
The canyon of Ardanuç, situated on the 25th km of Artvin-Ardanuç Road, is an interesting place to see with its unique natural structure. It is one of the most fascinating canyons and is the second biggest canyon in the world. It attracts more attention of the travellers while they are going deeper in the canyon. When you go inside it, you have to follow steep and stony pathways and go through the passages which a person can hardly pass. Sometimes, you need to make some noise with a stick or a bell in your hand, so that the animals, especially the snakes which guard that beauty cannot hurt you. After you overcome these difficulties, you will witness an excellent natural phenomenon which Black Sea Mountains present to you.
Çurisbil Plateau
   Çurisbil Plateau, within the borders of Konaklı Village being 15 km. away from Ardanuç has a wider area which is similar to forest covered plains. Çurisbil Festival is organised every july and august in a year. It provides Ardanuç people the chance of being together and entertaining together, in addition, the festival aims to advertise the historical and natural beauties of Ardanuç. Transportation is so simple that anyone who comes to Ardanuç city centre can reach there by minibus or aoutomobiles. 
Ferhatlı Fortress
   5 km distance from the Ardanuç town, the castle has been built by Vantang-the King of Iberian in the 5th century. Before coming to the Ardanuç town, the stronghold has been constructed on the main rock rising parallel with the valley nearby the Ardanuç stream.
Gevhernik Castle (1st Degree Protected Archeological Site)
This castle is near Ardanuç Adakale Village. The reason why this castle is called “Gevhernik” is that the surrounding area of the castle is full of silver and people call here “Gevher Nik” because it means “gem and silver”. The castle which is thought to have been built in the 5th century was the capital city of Georgian Kings and Çıldır Atabeys. The Ottomans conquered the castle in 1551 and Kanuni Sultan Süleyman had it restored. There is an epigraph which mentions this restoration on it. Gevhernik Castle is the only example of inner-outer castle architecture. It has been destroyed until the present time. Although the outer-castle is in ruins now, the inner-castle is in good condition. However, the castle needs a comprehensive restoration.
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