Ulukent Village Mosque
   According to the records, the structure which has not got an epigraph was built in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1896 the last prayer hall part was added to it. The minaret which had been made of wood originally was destroyed because of the strong winds and was rebuilt out of stone.
Ortacalar Çifte (Twin) Bridges
   Ortacalar Aqueduct Bridges are estimated to be constructed in 18th century; bridges have been planned vertical to each other at the junction of Küçükköy and Arılı. Both bridges are similar to each other and constitute one section. They have curved roads.  
Musazade Mosque
   The mosque which is located on Arhavi city centre was planned as having a rectangle frame with the size of 22.50x16.50 m and it has narthex in the north side, a minaret and two doors from Northwest side. The mosque includes east side, south side, north side central place and narthex. The surface of the central place has 12 windows which are formed as rectangle with two line shelf and straight arch. Floor is protected by concrete and ends with wooden fringe. On the north of south side, eight windows similar to east side windows were placed as two symmetrical lines. The south side relatively resembles to east side. The west side consists of the north side of narthex which ends in minaret and is also similar to east side of the mosque.       Original door of the mosque is on the north side of central place, and there is a pedestal which belongs to the minaret. The minaret hasn’t any historical value and is built by cut stone. It was placed on a pentagon pedestal and it has a cylindrical shape. Narthex has one chamfer and central place is covered with a roof. The doors of mosque are made of cut stone and marble. On the other hand, the narthex is made of bricks.
Ciha Castle
The castle which was built over the rocks in the peak of Arhavi is thought to have been constructed in Genoa Period. The trees surrounding the castle are so dense that it is not possible to go inside it. The year it was built is not certain and only the ruins of its walls can be seen today. The castle is on a strategic location.
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