Papart Valley and Plateaus
   1650 meters high mountain pastures, natural forest cover and pastures located near Turkey- Georgian border are spectacular natural beauties, from which Şavşat Meydancık and Borçka Camili benefit from.
Meydancık Arch Stone Bridge
The structure which does not have an epigraph on was probably built in Middle Ages. The bridge is on Bocanat Brook in Taşköprü Neighbourhood of Meydancık, Şavşat. It is among the group of  single-segment arch stone bridges with a straight way. The segment is low and has not got any pillars. The bridge is made of sculpture stone totally and is in good condition today.
Satlel Castle
   It’s located in Söğütlü quarter of Şavşat District. It resembles Bagratian Castles in terms of construction plan. Walls of the castle which were used for defence in Ottoman Period have still stood for years. As it hasn’t any inscription, the exact date of construction cannot be determined. However, considering its Bagratian features, it can probably be said to be constructed in 9th century.
Otluca Village Storage
There is not any information about the cellar which is in Otluca Village of Şavşat. That's why, the year it was built is unknown. It is made of rubble stones in order to be used as a storage or a cellar. The entrance is round arched. There is a corridor of one-meter high after the entrance.
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