Kafkasör Festival of Culture and Art

   The mostly interesting part of the festival organized traditionally in during the first week of the July of every year is bull fights. The bulls from the different parts of the city have been categorized according to the thickness of their necks and matched with each other to fight. In order not to hurt the bulls, some certain rules have been implemented since the inception of the bullfighting. During the fighting, if the bulls deemed weak withdraw from the arena, they are regarded as defeated and taken away from the special part of the arena by the persons concerned. Therefore, Caucasuser Bullfighting becomes a sport and festive event within its own rules. This bullfighting, which is performed in the sole “Bullfighting Arena” in Turkey and resume the social and cultural structure of the Artvin district, is unique in the world.

Atatürk Statue
   It was made by Kahvecioğlu Foundation on Atatepe. It is the biggest Atatürk statue in Turkey and in the world with 22 m high and 60 tons heavy. It represents the moment when Atatürk walked on the rocks in Dumlupınar. Moreover, there is a Turkish flag near the statue. The flag is 216 sqm and its flag staff is 60 m long. You can follow Yurttaş Saraç Street and Yusufeli Street to reach the statue which is on Atatepe.
Artvin (Livane) Castle
   What is known about Artvin and its districts dates back to the ancient times. Huris and Sakas, being two of the Asian societies migrating from the Central Asia, settled in Çoruh Valley.
Middle Neihgbourhood Mosque
There is not an epigraph on the mosque. However, it is thought that the structure was built at the end of 18th century or in the beginning of 19th century. It has undergone restoration twice in 1971 and 1994-95. The restoration which was started by Directorate General of Foundations is still going on. The structure is open for praying today in spite of some deficiencies. It is located in the Mosque Street of Middle Neighbourhood. There is another structure which is used for ablution and the Quran courses in the northwest corner of it. There is a cemetery on the east. Moreover, the Mosque has got a basement floor. The ornamentation and the decoration of it is quite plain.
Artvin City Centre
Surrounded by Ardahan, Erzurum, Rize and the Republic of Georgia, Artvin is located in the Eastern Black Sea Part of the Black Sea Region. Artvin is of great importance in terms of natural tourism thanks to its wide range of natural values such as snowy peaks of mountains, interesting style of wood architecture, green plateaus, intact and natural forests, crater lakes at the peaks of the high mountains, Çoruh Valley and canyons. Climbing to Kaçkar and Karçal Mountains, trekking in scenic beauties of several vicinities of the region, rafting and canoe sports on the Çoruh River and Barhal Stream reveal the potential tourist industry of the region. Several festivals are organized in Artvin and surrounding area. In these organizations, natural beauties, historical artefacts and alternative tourism areas of Artvin are introduced to the participants. Artvin is one of the places of which the best patterns of wood and stone architecture are found, local music and dance are appreciated by the audience, cuisine is various and advance samples of handcrafts, particularly woodworks, are manufactured.
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