Kafkasör Festival of Culture and Art

   The mostly interesting part of the festival organized traditionally in during the first week of the July of every year is bull fights. The bulls from the different parts of the city have been categorized according to the thickness of their necks and matched with each other to fight. In order not to hurt the bulls, some certain rules have been implemented since the inception of the bullfighting. During the fighting, if the bulls deemed weak withdraw from the arena, they are regarded as defeated and taken away from the special part of the arena by the persons concerned. Therefore, Caucasuser Bullfighting becomes a sport and festive event within its own rules. This bullfighting, which is performed in the sole “Bullfighting Arena” in Turkey and resume the social and cultural structure of the Artvin district, is unique in the world.

Deriner Dam Hydroelectric power plant and lake
   Deriner Dam is a concrete double-curved arch dam on the Çoruh River 5 km (3.1 mi) east of Artvin in Artvin Province, Turkey. The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and additionally flood control. Construction on the dam began in 1998, the reservoir began to fill in February 2012 and the power station was completed by February 2013. It will have a 670 MW power house and is the tallest dam in Turkey. The dam is being implemented by Turkey's State Hydraulic Works and constructed by a consortium of Turkish, Russian and Swiss companies.    The dam is named after İbrahim Deriner, who died while serving as the Chief Engineer of its research team.    The Deriner Dam is a 249 m (817 ft) high, 720 m (2,360 ft) long double-curved arch dam. It has a base width of 60 m (200 ft) and a crest width at the top cantilever of 1 m (3.3 ft). A total of 3,400,000 m3 (4,400,000 cu yd) of concrete forms the dam's body which also contains its orifice spillway. This spillway consists of 8 2.8 m (9.2 ft) x 5.6 m (18 ft) flap gates that can discharge a maximum of 7,000 m3/s (250,000 cu ft/s) of water. The dam's other spillway consists of two tunnels, each on opposing banks behind the dam. The right tunnel is 459 m (1,506 ft) long and the left is 472 m (1,549 ft) long. Each tunnel is controlled by a 6.5 m (21 ft) high, 24 m (79 ft) long flap gate. Each of these tunnels has the same capacity as both combined can discharge up to 2,250 m3/s (79,000 cu ft/s) of water. The reservoir behind the dam has a catchment area of 18,389 km2 (7,100 sq mi), capacity of 1,970,000,000 m3 (7.0×1010 cu ft) and regulating volume of 960,000,000 m3 (3.4×1010 cu ft).
Dolishane Church
   According to the epigraph in the Church situated in Hamamlı Village, Artvin, the Monastery was built by architect Gabriel by order of Sumbath who the King of Bagratuni in 954-958. The construction, which had been used as a monastery until the 14th century, was transformed into a mosque. Being used as a mosque until 1990’s, it doesn’t serve a purpose now. The fact that it was transformed into a mosque assured it to be preserved rather well in comparison with other churches.
Artvin Çarşı Mosque
   Islamisation period of Artvin started in 16th Century with the Ottoman Conquest. Although some churches and monasteries were transformed into mosque at first, construction period of new mosques according to traditional mosque architecture has begun since 18th century. Çarşı (Centre) Mosque was constructed by Artvin People between 1860 and 1861 (hijri 1277/1278). The mosque was re-constructed in 1954 because of deterioration.
Porta (Pırnallı) Church
   It is located at the Bağlık place of Pırnallı village within Artvin central town. It was constructed between 896-918 years by the Prince Khaouli, descendant of I. Aşot the King. It has taken its last shape during the reign of Gurgen the King  (918-941). The structure includes a belfry, chapel and fountain. Considering the settlement plan of the monastery, it is understood that Tao Klarjheti district was the most important cultural and religious centre of that period.
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