Çoruh Valley Wildlife Development Area
   Çoruh Valley Wildlife Development Area is 22.500 hectares in area and it is one of the 112 important vegetations in Turkey. Çoruh Valley vegetation contributes to the fact that Turkey has the richest vegetation in Europe, North Africa and Middle-East. It also used for field studies, education and hunting. Many local people and foreign hunters prefer Çoruh Valley Wildlife Development Area. Every year, a specified number of wild goats and hook-horned chamois are allowed to be hunted. 
Barhal Valley Wildlife Development Area
   Barhal Valley harbors the habitats for wild animals like hook-horned chamois, bears and boars and fish like red-spotted trout. It also has magnificent natural beauties.
Esbeki Monastery
   It is located on the west side of Esbeki Castle, Darıca Village, Yusufeli. The monastery includes a church, a chapel and a watch tower. It is surrounded by walls. It has no epigraph. This monastery is one of the constructions which were intensely devastated in the region. Frescos can be observed inside apses.    The walls were constructed with bigger stones sharpened randomly. The stones were constituted with thin mortar. This technique indicates that the church was constructed in the 9th century. A two-flat tomb chapel is located on the south side of the church. Outer side of the walls is made of bricks.
Hamzet Church
   It is located on the rocks being in the entrance of Yusufeli, the south side of Çoruh Valley. The church has ruined in years. It has planned from east to west, and is covered with vaults. Its apses limiting naos inside is not an exact half circle. 
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