Ortacalar Village Mosque
   It is in Ortacalar Village of Arhavi District, Artvin. It was built in 1757 (1170 according to Muslim Calendar). The ornaments of the minbar and the ceiling attract the attention of the visitors. According to its epigraph, the wooden ceiling and the wooden minbar were built together in 1908. The minaret was constructed in 1955 and the narthex was renovated in 1964. The mosque which underwent partly-restorations is open for praying. The structure which was built on a pitched area has two-storey narthex on the northern side and a minaret on the northwestern corner. The whole structure was covered with a hipped roof. The top of the main part is made of wood.    There is an octagon-shaped midpoint ornament in the middle of the mosque. The ornaments in the minbar and on the ceiling increase the importance of the structure. It is still open for praying.
Mençuna Waterfall
Mençuna Waterfall, which is 82 metre high, is in Ortacalar Village and fascinates its visitors with its sound and scenery. In Çifteköprü you take the route to Küçükköy in order to reach the waterfall. We leave this route at the crossroads and follow the creek. After a twenty-minute journey by car, you will go the rest of the road on foot.
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