Dolishane Church
   According to the epigraph in the Church situated in Hamamlı Village, Artvin, the Monastery was built by architect Gabriel by order of Sumbath who the King of Bagratuni in 954-958. The construction, which had been used as a monastery until the 14th century, was transformed into a mosque. Being used as a mosque until 1990’s, it doesn’t serve a purpose now. The fact that it was transformed into a mosque assured it to be preserved rather well in comparison with other churches.
Artvin Çarşı Mosque
   Islamisation period of Artvin started in 16th Century with the Ottoman Conquest. Although some churches and monasteries were transformed into mosque at first, construction period of new mosques according to traditional mosque architecture has begun since 18th century. Çarşı (Centre) Mosque was constructed by Artvin People between 1860 and 1861 (hijri 1277/1278). The mosque was re-constructed in 1954 because of deterioration.
Irsa plateau
The plateau which is 35 km. away from city centre, is commonly used by Erenler (İrsa) Villager
Porta (Pırnallı) Church
   It is located at the Bağlık place of Pırnallı village within Artvin central town. It was constructed between 896-918 years by the Prince Khaouli, descendant of I. Aşot the King. It has taken its last shape during the reign of Gurgen the King  (918-941). The structure includes a belfry, chapel and fountain. Considering the settlement plan of the monastery, it is understood that Tao Klarjheti district was the most important cultural and religious centre of that period.
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