Barhal Church
   It is in Altıparmak village of Yusufeli. It is understood from written sources that it was built during King Davit Magistros reign in 9th century and devoted to John the Baptist. It was restored and converted to a mosque by Hacı Şerif Efendi in 1677. It is 30 km. Away from Yusufeli.
Kaçkar Plateau and Kaçkar Mountains-Kaçkar Tourism Centre
   Kaçkar Mountains which are between Rize and Hopa have natural wonders such as sharp glaciers which can be observed during all year, blue lakes, green dark forests, vigorous brooks, various kinds of plant and wild animals. The highest point of Kaçkar Mountains is Kavron (3932 m).    Every year, hundreds of hikers visit Kaçkar Mountains whose south route is very clear enough to pass. The glamorous view of mountains can easily be observed unless the weather is foggy. Despite climbing the mountains in summer is so easy, climbing in winter is extremely hard. In winter, snow fills the valleys, covers the plateaus and hides houses. Besides, inclination of glacier is convenient on creating avalanche every time in the year. Summer climbing is generally organised in June and September; winter climbing is usually organised in February and March.    Kaçkar Mountains are covered with green pasture and forests. Kaçkars are suitable for hunting, plateau and mountain tourism. Yaylalar Village is the temporary break station for climbers. Dilberdüzü whose height is 3328 m. is the only campsite which is nearest to the top of Kaçkar Mountains. After Dilberdüzü, climbing without guide is very dangerous. It is possible to get a tour guide and pack animal from Yusufeli or villages located on climbing route. Various kinds of wild animals such as bobcat, bear, chevrotain, wolf, coyote, fox and etc. can be seen in the region.    From Yusufeli, climbing groups reach Hevek (Yaylalar) Village at first, Olgunlar quarter (3km) is the following point after Yaylalar. From olgunlar, climbing groups reach Dilberdüzü where climbers usually prefer camping. Groups climb to the top of Kaçkar Mountains after passing Deniz Lake. On the other hand, it is advised all teams, groups or professionals that all climbers should climb with a tour guide to Kaçkars because of any sudden change in climate, foggy weather or loss of direction on paths. The top of the mountains is 60 km away from Yusufeli city centre.           
Tekkale Monastery
The plan of the church is similar to Barhal Church's. It reflects the monastery type of the Middle Age Period in this region best. The monastery is a complex and it is composed of a church, a trapeza, a seminar room and a chapel which was constructed on the southeastern side of this structure. Since the monastery is composed of four different structure, it is called “Dört Kilise” (Four Churches) both in the past and today. The church is basilican-planned and it has 28.40X18.65 m dimensions from its exterior. The eastern side of the church is composed of the parts with three levels in two different heights.
Salikvan Plateau
It is located in the peak between Yusufeli District and Arhavi District. A festival is organized here at the first weekend of August every year. The plateau is 55 km away from Yusufeli.
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