Heliskiing whose roots may go back to the middle of sixties, is an activity that skiers who want to ski freely are transported to the starting points where they begin skiing by helicopters.

The first Heliskiing activity in our region and country was organised in 2005. Pioneer efforts which was performed by a Switzerland originated company whose name is Turkey Heliski have been reinforced by Anatolian Heliski, a Black Sea originated company; however, after Turkey Heliski suspended its investment and future plans, Heliskiing activities has been organised by only  Anatolian Heliski.

The most attractive feature of our city for Heliskiing is that especially European skiers can reach the ski centre after two flights and a road trip; the first flight to Istanbul about 3 or 4 hours, the second flight to region’s airports about 2 hours and the road trip about 2 hours. Our mountains have high quality snow blanket because of the proximity of them to the sea unlike Europe. Additionally, this high quality snow blanket is not only served to the skiers at a few points, it can  also be found in a wider area consisting dozens of mountains and plateau whose altitudes may reach 3600 meters high.

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